Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pegaga - Asian Pennywort

A senior also friend of mine is searching for herbal medical practitioner to cure her husband's diabetic foot sore.

As I'm a avid alternative medicine reader, herbs can be served as prevention as well as to cure a sickness. I always consume an asian herbs called 'pegaga'. It can be eaten raw as salad or blending it with water and added with sugar syrup to drink as juice - pegaga sugared syrup.

It is one of the most popular fold medicines in Asia. We believes it has 101 medicinal value in this plant, which grows wild throughout tropical and subtropical regions. A senior staying nearby our neighbourhood is harvesting pegaga to sell to wet-market to make a living.

Basically it has 2 differentiated leaves, one is with edgy shape leaves and the other is rounded shape leaves. The plant has been shown to be good in purifying the blood, if consume in large doses, it helps lower blood sugar levels.

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